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Los Angeles based artist bringing the visions of industry storytellers to life. 

I have made it my mission to cultivate beauty through production design for film and television. Building a world in which a story takes place can be overwhelming, but a commitment to excellence, imagination, and a deep desire to help people rise with me empowers me to face each new challenge.

Whether you need a strong art director to come aboard and lead a team through the process of conception to creation, or a production designer to sculpt the visual story from its backbone to its final flourishes, I am ready to work to make your vision a reality.

“The universe is made up of stories not atoms” - Muriel Rukeyser

I have always believed I was made to make something out of nothing. I love to throw crazy themed parties, craft delicious cocktails, or spend hours alone in a book. I was even GROUNDED from reading when I was little. I have always been pretty introverted and that has led to spending many hours in my “mind palace”. Thinking. Imagining. Brainstorming. Creating opportunities where people can have a lasting experience with their environment has always been really important to me. As is innovating new ways to lighten my team's load and contribute to a healthy atmosphere. 

about my story.

you can't build a world alone.

"Nobody knows anything"- William Goldman

Growing up I was obsessed with expressing myself through creating beauty. I would make clothes for my dolls out of leaves, forts out of weather balloons (there is a story there), make up funny plays, and rearrange my room countless times. I loved seeing how the items or places I created impacted people. That's when I knew I had to figure out a way to bottle this and make a life out of it. 

Creating maximum impact through storytelling.


Take a Look

“I met Linia working on the second season of For All Mankind. Linia was an invaluable asset to our team and helped me immensely. Her eye for detail and aesthetic was key to accomplishing the Herculean effort necessary for our sets. I have never worked with someone who so seamlessly blended with the team and me personally. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her early in her career and see her burgeoning talents shine.”

- Michael B. Gowen, Art Director

"From first meeting Linia her drive to succeed has been remarkable. Her determination has given her the quick rise in her career that many of us in the tv/film industry only dream of. She has worked incredibly hard at educating herself, finding mentors and creating friends on any show that is lucky to have her. I have loved seeing her prosper in this field & look forward to many more years of watching her grow." 

- Brittany Bradford, Art Director

"Working with Linia, you can guarantee you will have a hard-working member on your team. When collaborating with her, it was her thoroughness and research that ensured I could execute my job as a set designer effortlessly. That paired with her strong design background, attention to detail, and passion for film make up for the solid Assistant Art Director that she is.”

- Katia Nájera Viale, Set Designer

"Linia Hardy is one of the most significantly influential colleagues that I’ve had the honor of working with. Her strengths are countless. Her brilliant yet humble perspective and demeanor makes everyone feel included and floods the room with excitement and passion for whatever’s at hand. Her degree of organization and dedication to the execution of an elite quality product are of the highest echelon. Her eye for design and spirit for creativity are continuously rewarding and inspirational."

- Alexander Gaines, Supervising Art Director

"Linia Hardy is an incredibly talented Art Director who is professional and a joy to work alongside. Her high level of organization leads to timely and focused communication with her coworkers, especially other departments. Linia has a significant commitment to her work which produces a high level of design and detail in the end product. I would absolutely recommend her and would love to work with her again."

- Glen Hall, Art Director

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